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We, at Decent Jobs, are engaged in providing HR solutions and man power solutions to businesses across the globe. In course of successfully running the business, we do make innumerable clients with whom we keep sharing and exchanging information of various natures. At the same time, our site gives immense knowledge and prospects to individuals and entities around the globe seeking man power or other solutions.
We, at all times, put our best efforts in offering this website with the latest available and most accurate possible data and information. At the same time, we ensure that the best possible services are delivered to the client.
However, at the same time, we don’t rule out the possibility of either minor or major errors that might come due to any unknown or already inherent aspects of the business. More so, we neither assure nor have the divine capacity, to gauge the problem and face it amazingly before they occur, to avoid the possibility of error and shortcomings due to human, non-technical and technical factors.
Decent Jobs does not bear any responsibility, directly or indirectly, in case of any loss or damage arising from any conduct or activity related to the use of data and information at us. Though, we, at the same time, ensure that flawless services are given out to the clients at all time.